Last day in Seattle

We quite literally went out on a high on our last day in town. Seattle really put on a show yesterday which makes it all the harder to leave ! We had a fantastic day – Andy’s brother Tim got us a seaplane flight over Seattle for Christmas. We were booked to go last Friday  but it rained all day and visibility was pretty much zero. Thankfully we managed to reschedule it for yesterday which turned out to be an absolutely perfect day with no wind and not a cloud in the sky, Mt Rainier was out too!  

Francis totally scored and bagged the co pilot’s seat on the plane and I managed to restrain myself from kicking him out of it so I could get some good shots from the cockpit! As it turned out, my camera started freaking out just after we took off and didn’t recover until we landed so the only photos we have from the air were taken on the i phone by Andy and Francis, who had my phone! I just had to try and relax about not being able to take pics and enjoy the incredible views. I can’t believe how lucky we were to have such an amazing day, it’s often very overcast here in the Winter months.

We came back down to earth and headed over to Francis’s old school to say goodbye to everyone and pick up his friend Seamus. We took the boys for a last trip downtown and they had great fun together, riding the mono rail and visiting Pike Place market. We finished up the day with a last supper with Uncle Tim and Francis’s cousins before we headed back to the Island. We couldn’t have wished for a better way to spend our last day in the city, it was wonderful. Thank you Uncle Tim! 

We get back to Edinburgh on Sunday and we’re all sad to be leaving the beautiful Pacific North West but really looking forward to seeing friends & family ( and the cat!) again. It’s been quite a trip! 


New year and seaplane-28seaplane & seattle iphone-1-2New year and seaplane-31New year and seaplane-34New year and seaplane-36New year and seaplane-38New year and seaplane-40New year and seaplane-48New year and seaplane-49seaplane & seattle iphone-2seaplane & seattle iphone-5Fremont & Wallingford neighbourhoods with the Olympic Mountains in the background and Gasworks Park and Lake Union in the foreground. This was our stomping ground in Seattle – our apartment was close to the end of the bridge. We spent a lot of time watching the seaplanes take off and land on Lake Union from here! 

seaplane andy pics-1Lake Washington and the University District with the Cascade mountains in the background.

seaplane andy pics-2seaplane andy pics-3Mt Rainier, Lake Washington and the 520 floating bridge

seaplane andy pics-4Downtown Seattle from Lake Washington seaplane andy pics-8seaplane andy pics-9seaplane andy pics-10seaplane andy pics-11seaplane andy pics-12seaplane & seattle iphone-13seaplane & seattle iphone-16seaplane & seattle iphone-17seaplane & seattle iphone-18I’ll miss picking Francis up from here! New year and seaplane-55On the school steps for the last time 😦

New year and seaplane-58-2New year and seaplane-66New year and seaplane-72New year and seaplane-77New year and seaplane-78New year and seaplane-79New year and seaplane-80New year and seaplane-81New year and seaplane-84New year and seaplane-86New year and seaplane-88New year and seaplane-89


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