Revelstoke – Canadian Rockies

We stayed over in Revelstoke for a couple of nights on the way back so we could meet up with our friends Heather & Dave who were heading in the opposite direction for Christmas. We stayed in a lovely air B & B really close to the ski hill and it snowed the whole way on our 4 hour drive from Canmore so it was beautiful when we arrived. 

The place we stayed was a little way out of town and the local airstrip was at the bottom of the street. Francis and I were out playing in the snow when a plane flew right over our heads and landed at the airstrip. Francis LOVES planes so it was all very exciting and I was happy I had my camera out at the time! 

Revelstoke is a great little town, full of character and not over commercialised like many ski towns – the ski resort has only been there for 10 years. It’s paradise for anyone who loves the outdoors, there’s so much to do all year round. I’d love to go back there in the Summer, although Francis is convinced we’ll get eaten by a grizzly bear! 

Revelstoke -2Revelstoke -17Revelstoke -22Revelstoke -25Revelstoke -33Revelstoke -35Revelstoke -37Revelstoke -42Revelstoke -44

Plane spotted! Revelstoke -45Revelstoke -46He’s off! Revelstoke -49Revelstoke -53Revelstoke -59Revelstoke -60Happy boy! Revelstoke -63Revelstoke -68Revelstoke -73


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