Canmore – Canadian Rockies

When Francis finished school we headed up to Canada for ten days. Andy and I spent a Winter in Canmore many years ago and we got engaged there on the Winter Solstice 2001! Neither of us has been back since so we decided to take the opportunity to take Francis up there and revisit some of our old haunts. On the way up we stopped off at Emerald Lake and Lake Louise where Francis got to do his first walk on a frozen lake! It was really dry on the drive up but thankfully we had a lot of snow while we were there so it really was a Winter wonderland, just absolutely beautiful. 

Canmore is just East of Banff on the way to Calgary. It’s a small ski town that’s a little less touristy than Banff but it’s grown a lot since we were there. We had a great time skiing at Lake Louise and Sunshine Village and tubing at Norquay – tubing is basically sledging in an inner tube and it’s quite the adrenaline rush! Francis said it was the most terrifying and the most fun thing he’d ever done which was a pretty accurate observation :-0 

 One of the highlights was the drive along the stunning Ice fields parkway which is where Francis made friends with the little bird ! 

Canmore 2017-1Emerald Lake Canmore 2017-5Canmore 2017-8Canmore 2017-15Canmore 2017-16Canmore 2017-19Canmore 2017-20Canmore 2017-22Canmore 2017-29Canmore 2017-33Canmore 2017-34Lake LouiseCanmore 2017-35Canmore 2017-37Canmore 2017-38Canmore 2017-40Canmore 2017-41Canmore 2017-42Canmore 2017-47Canmore 2017-52Canmore 2017-57We had a pretty sweet view from our apartment! Canmore 2017-59Canmore 2017-61Canmore 2017-84Bow lake – Ice fields parkway Canmore 2017-75Canmore 2017-81Canmore 2017-93Canmore 2017-96Canmore 2017-98Canmore 2017-104Canmore 2017-107The ‘weeping wall’ Canmore 2017-109The Athabasca glacier – one of the largest non polar ice fields in the world. Canmore 2017-116Canmore 2017-117


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