A White Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas on Whidbey Island with the Heins, our first since Francis was a baby. Against all the odds it snowed on Christmas Eve and we had a beautiful white Christmas day – Seattle has only had three white Christmas’s in 100 years so it was pretty special! 

Christmas day 2017-1Christmas day 2017-3Christmas day 2017-5Christmas day 2017-10Christmas day 2017-14Christmas day 2017-16Christmas day 2017-17Christmas day 2017-21Christmas day 2017-24Christmas day 2017-25Christmas day 2017-28Christmas day 2017-31Christmas day 2017-33Christmas day 2017-34Christmas day 2017-37Christmas day 2017-42Christmas day 2017-43Christmas day 2017-46Christmas day 2017-47Christmas day 2017-49Christmas day 2017-51Christmas day 2017-52Christmas day 2017-53Christmas day 2017-58Christmas day 2017-60Christmas day 2017-61Christmas day 2017-67Christmas day 2017-68Christmas day 2017-69Christmas day 2017-70


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