Cascade Crest 100

The last stop on our road trip was a weekend in Eastern Washington supporting our lovely but clearly insane friend Joachim while he ran the Cascade Crest 100  mile race through the mountains east of Seattle.  This was the second of three 100 milers that he was to run over several weeks, as if one isn’t enough!

Unfortunately for the runners, the course had to be changed at the last minute thanks to a forest fire which had been burning in the area for a few weeks. The air quality was very poor and the new course meant that the runners had to run back the way they’d come from the half way point.  It was slightly longer with more elevation gain and it was also stinking hot, so the conditions were far from ideal. 

I was blown away by the calibre of the runners, just incredible to be able to run that distance over mountains, along rough trails, in the heat and non stop all weekend. Joachim finished in 33 and a half hours, in an amazing effort – well done!! 

The kids loved running the last mile and collecting crickets while they waited for him to come in. 

Cascade crest -9Cascade crest -11Cascade crest -15Cascade crest -18Cascade crest -21Cascade crest -22Cascade crest -25Cascade crest -5Cascade crest -6Cascade crest -29Cascade crest -30Cascade crest -34


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