Astoria, Oregon

We drove north from Cannon Beach and passed through the little town of Astoria. We had no intention of stopping but as we drove through downtown my interest was piqued by the period buildings and vintage vibe, so we decided to stop and have a look around. As it turned out, Astoria ended up being one of my favourite stops of our whole trip, it’s one cool little town packed full of wonderful victorian buildings, independent shops and great little bars and cafes. We stumbled upon the Buoy Beer Co which is a great little brew pub housed in a former cannery on the banks of the Columbia river – Astoria sits on the Columbia river where it meets the Pacific ocean. As if good beer, sea views and great food weren’t enough, they’ve cleverly installed a large glass panel in the floor so you can watch the sea lions chilling on the pier below the pub – very cool! After a beer in the sunshine we decided that we just had to stay the night so we headed back to the car to go in search of a hotel, which in itself was a very exciting prospect after sleeping in an extremely small tent for four weeks. As we got back to the car we spotted the very hip Commodore Hotel  where we managed to procure the last room in what turned out the be the coolest place in town. As you can imagine we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves as we checked into our beautiful suite which was totally deluxe after weeks of roughing it. Don’t get me wrong, I love camping but sometimes a comfy bed, a hot shower and a flushing toilet are very welcome! 

One of the goals of our road trip was not to plan too much, we had a route planned out but that was all. We worked out the details along the way so we could be as spontaneous as possible, we also did very little research in advance on any of our stops. I think you can really over think things when you’re travelling and too many expectations about a place can really take the fun out of things. This approach doesn’t always pay off but it certainly did on this occasion, it just shows what you could be missing as you race through a place on your way to the next stop on your itinerary! 

We LOVED Astoria, it’s a fascinating little town packed full of cool stuff to explore. It should really be overrun with hipsters but thankfully they’re all in Portland  – Shhh don’t tell them 🙂 

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