Road trip pt 3 Oregon – California

We left Smith Rock and headed to Crater Lake. We were all pretty excited about seeing the lake having seen all the incredible photos of it so we were a bit disappointed to find that we could hardly see the lake thanks to a forest fire that was burning within the Crater Lake National Park. The main sightseeing road around the rim of the lake was closed because of the fire and as you can see, the visibility wasn’t great but it was certainly atmospheric! We didn’t hang around in the park for long, it wasn’t very pleasant and smoke inhalation wasn’t really what we’d signed up for. Thankfully the smoke wasn’t bad outside of the park so were able to camp before heading off towards the California coast and the incredible Jedediah Smith Redwoods State park. Nothing can really prepare you for the scale of the Redwoods, walking amongst them was a truly humbling experience and one which will stay with me. I hope I’ve managed to capture something of the sheer size and immense beauty of the forest in these pictures. Oh and that yellow slug ? It’s a banana slug, they’re pretty cool! 


IMG_1808Seattle 2017 week 4 Oregon - california-40Seattle 2017 week 4 Oregon - california-55Seattle 2017 week 4 Oregon - california-53Seattle 2017 week 4 Oregon - california-49Seattle 2017 week 4 Oregon - california-59Seattle 2017 week 4 Oregon - california-62California 2017 -1IMG_1858California 2017 -2California 2017 -10California 2017 -16California 2017 -18California 2017 -21California 2017 -25California 2017 -30California 2017 -33California 2017 -36California 2017 -42California 2017 -45California 2017 -46


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