Oregon weekender

We had a great mini road trip down to Smith Rock in Oregon this weekend. When we were there in July a heatwave was in full effect and it was around 100 deg F for most of the week. This trip we had three seasons in one weekend, we drove through a blizzard in Mt Hood then passed through some stunning Autumn colours in Mt Hood national forest. The storm clouds and late afternoon sunshine made for some fantastic light as we drove away from the mountains¬†across the desert. It was freezing when we got to Smith Rock, thankfully we’d packed heavy duty sleeping bags – everything was frozen in the morning! It was a beautiful sunny day so it had warmed up by mid morning and we were able to get out climbing. By Sunday it was t shirt weather again and we had an absolutely beautiful drive home to Seattle surrounded by snow covered volcanos. The scenery down there is amazing and the climbing world class. It’s a long drive ( around 7 hrs) but worth it!¬†

Smith Rock Oct 2017-2Smith Rock Oct 2017-10Smith Rock Oct 2017-15Smith Rock Oct 2017-19Smith Rock Oct 2017-26Smith Rock Oct 2017-27Smith Rock Oct 2017-28Smith Rock Oct 2017-32Smith Rock Oct 2017-34Smith Rock Oct 2017-35Smith Rock Oct 2017-38Smith Rock Oct 2017-42Smith Rock Oct 2017-48Smith Rock Oct 2017-55Smith Rock Oct 2017-56Smith Rock Oct 2017-57Smith Rock Oct 2017-58Smith Rock Oct 2017-59Smith Rock Oct 2017-61Smith Rock Oct 2017-64Smith Rock Oct 2017-65Smith Rock Oct 2017-91Smith Rock Oct 2017-86Smith Rock Oct 2017-98Smith Rock Oct 2017-100Smith Rock Oct 2017-103Smith Rock Oct 2017-106Smith Rock Oct 2017-111Smith Rock Oct 2017-112Smith Rock Oct 2017-113Smith Rock Oct 2017-117Smith Rock Oct 2017-121Smith Rock Oct 2017-126Smith Rock Oct 2017-132Smith Rock Oct 2017-135Smith Rock Oct 2017-139Smith Rock Oct 2017-141Smith Rock Oct 2017-143Smith Rock Oct 2017-144Smith Rock Oct 2017-145


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