Camping Leavenworth

Our next stop was a few more days of camping with the cousins near Leavenworth which is also in Eastern Washington in the Cascades mountains. It’s a beautiful area and the town of Leavenworth is quite something. Imagine if you will a faux Bavarian town dreamed up by a couple of enterprising business men following the demise of the town’s timber industry in the 1960s. It truly is a sight to behold (and not in a good way) but their idea was an excellent one as Leavenworth’s fortunes were turned around and it’s now a thriving tourist town. I couldn’t  bring myself to take any photos of the town centre but you should really have a look at this: 

It was stinking hot while we were there so we spent most of the time playing in the appropriately named Icicle creek with an inflatable crocodile and we had great fun tubing down the Wenatchee river. 


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