Camping Eastern Washington

After the backpacking adventure we headed over the mountains to Eastern Washington where we met up with Andy’s parents for a few days of camping at Salmon – Le – Sac which is in the mountains close to Roslyn which is a cool little town where Northern Exposure was filmed in the 90’s. It’s a great campsite in a beautiful area, we stayed there last Summer and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately a lightening strike started a large forest fire nearby in early August and the whole area has been closed since then. It’s been an incredibly dry Summer here, the driest on record – 55 days straight with no rain at all. Seattle’s reputation as the rainy city is certainly being challenged in the Summer months now, although I’m sure there’ll be more than enough rain in the Winter ! 

Everyone seemed to have brought a hammock along so we strung them all up between the trees and they became the main source of entertainment for the kids. The Pacific Northwest was in the middle of a heatwave when we were there and we spent the days doing very little cooling off at the river. There’s some fantastic hiking close to the campsite but it was too hot for that. You know it’s hot when a glacier fed river becomes an appealing prospect to swim in. Francis spent a very long time working up to doing the cliff jump into the river but he did it, after much coaxing!  It was pretty scary :-0 The kids spent many hours carefully constructing a ‘ hot tub’ by the river, digging in the dirt and taking great delight in being absolutely filthy! 

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