Seattle July 2017

I’m going back to the very start of our trip with this post. When we arrived in July we stayed with our friends Carol & Joachim on the Eastside of the city for a week. Francis had a ball playing in the sunshine with Maja & Max and the other kids from their street. Kids don’t seem to play out on the street here (much like in the UK) but their street in Bellevue is an exception – all the local kids were out there morning, noon & night playing on the street and in each others gardens. It was lovely to see the kids have all that freedom and it reminded Andy of his childhood in Seattle. It’s such a shame that most kids don’t get that opportunity these days. We try and let Francis play out as much as we can back home in Edinburgh but our typical city set up is not ideal (small garden, not much space to play on the street)

We didn’t do much that first week, Francis was happy playing out and I had a lot of work to finish! We did take a trip downtown and got the water taxi over to West Seattle with my friend Rose from Australia who just happened to be in town at the same time – we hadn’t seen each other since our wedding in 2003. We also spent a lot of time cooling off in Lake Sammammish with a large inflatable Orca! 

Francis also took part in a 3 mile race with Max & Maja. He really went for it and ended up coming in the top ten in a field of around 100 kids and adults. The effort just about finished him off though – it was a hot day!

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