Wallingford, Seattle

As you’ll have gathered if you’ve read my previous post, we’re house / cat/ chicken sitting in Wallingford, Seattle for few weeks before we move into an apartment in Fremont next month. This is our first experience of looking after chickens and I’ve always fancied keeping some (when I start to live my fantasy life that does not involve living in a flat in Leith with a postage stamp size garden). We’ve really enjoyed it so far, although somewhat predictably I’m now chief chicken feeder – the novelty wore off for Francis after week one. The chickens are called Joan, Jett & Debbie ( there was a Harry but I believe he got eaten by a racoon!) and I’ve been quite surprised to learn that chickens do have personalities which has raised a few concerns in my mind around eating them, Debbie in particular is quite the character and tries to come into the house at every opportunity. We’ve been living the good life here, with fresh eggs every morning and the sweetest cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden. There’s a fantastic local farmers market once a week and in mine & Francis’s humble opinion the best churros this side of Mexico at the Taqueria down the road. We have been spoilt here and we’ll be sad to leave when it’s time to move on. 

Francis started school a couple of weeks ago and he seems to be really enjoying it so far. That’s him looking very happy all ready to go on his first day. He goes to BF Day Elementary in Fremont which is the oldest continually operating school in Seattle, it’s 125 years old and it’s a big victorian building much like Leith Primary, albeit in a better state of repair! The school also has a diverse catchment like Leith.  Francis is in 5th grade which is the final year of primary school before they go to middle school and at BF Day they do ‘ mini middle school’. They rotate between three different teachers for maths, literacy & science and he seems to be liking that.

Sorry this posts a bit chicken heavy but you have to admit they’re pretty photogenic! I’m looking forward to sharing some of our the pics from our Summer road trip here soon 🙂


Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0137Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0138Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0139Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0121Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0122Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0135Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0123Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0124Wallingford House-214Wallingford House-201Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0127Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0128Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0130Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0131Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0132Wallingford House-233Seattle 2017 Wallingford House_0133Wallingford House-178


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