Green Lake skate park

No blog about our stay in Seattle would be complete without an honourable mention for Green lake skate park which has become our second home since we landed in Wallingford a couple of weeks ago. It’s usually busy so I can’t get in there with my camera without taking my life into my hands ! Yesterday morning Francis & his cousins pretty much had the place to themselves so I was able to get a few shots. 

Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0106Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0110Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0105Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0109Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0108Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0112Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0113Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0107Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0114



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