Wallingford BBQ

I’ve been trying to work how best to share some of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken since we arrived in the States in July and I decided that a dedicated blog would be the best solution. The next decision was where to start? We had friends over for a BBQ yesterday so I thought I’d kick off there! 

We’re house/ cat/ chicken sitting in a lovely house in Wallingford at the moment and we have a great garden which is a real treat for us. They call them yards here but that just makes me think of a sad patch of concrete rather than a lovely garden complete with urban chickens, hops and even a kiwi tree. Wallingford is a great neighbourhood that’s full of hip bars, shops and restaurants so we have plenty of fun places on our doorstep. It’s also a popular & historic residential area with peaceful, tree lined streets and some wonderful examples of the famous ‘craftsman’ homes that are characteristic of the area. 

After being treated to many a BBQ on our trips to Seattle it was great to be able to return the favour and host our friends & family for a change. We were really lucky with the weather too, loads of lovely sunshine this weekend after a week of more unsettled weather than we’ve been used to over the Summer. 


Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0074Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0075Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0077Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0078Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0079Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0080Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0081Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0082Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0084Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0085Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0088Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0089Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0090Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0092Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0096Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0094Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0115Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0116Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0117Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0099Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0101Seattle 2017 Wallingford BBQ_0102


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